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We are an engineering support services group with over 30 years of CAD and Engineering support experience. Our focus is primarily on Civil, Mechanical, and Product Design. We also have staff experienced in Fire Protection and Wastewater Treatment. However, as CAD professionals we can bring a level of attention to detail, hard work, and professionalism that can only come from a long history in the Engineering Industry. Just send an email about your project or product and we will be honored to give to an honest and straightforward estimate of what we can deliver. We thank you for taking the time to consider us and give us an opportunty to be your human design machine! 

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Our first priority is attention to detail. CAD is about the smallest details and making sure our work product is precise the first time. We aim to save time in collaboration spent between CAD and Engineers by bringing to bear our immense industry experience to read the and interpret engineering markups with a focus on both the precise instructions as well as the true intent of the enginneer.


We have a suite of home-grown scripting and commands that enable faster work. We are always developing ways to work more accurately in less time and utilizing new technology, such as AI, to help always improve our own systems to save time and cost for our clients.  


We belive in close relationships with clients and their engineering staff thru quality communication and coordination. Just taking markups and a weekly meeting alone is sometimes not enough to ensure a quality work product. We believe it's thru developing a close professional relationship, our drafter/designers will feel more comfortable with reaching out and asking important questions when needed.  


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